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The Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Association was established in 2015 to provide training and equipment to volunteer officers through financial support. As part of the Police Department of Fairview Park, Ohio, the Auxiliary Police Unit was formed before the 1960s. At that time, they were referred to as Special Police and were even able to carry firearms. Over the years, the duties have changed but the purpose remains the same, to assist regular officers in maintaining order and relations with the public.

The current Auxiliary Police Unit is made up of 25 members. There is one Auxiliary Lieutenant, four Auxiliary Sergeants, and twenty Auxiliary Officers. We are proud to say that we have over 100 years of combined experience and over 1500 volunteer hours every year.


Being an Auxiliary Police Officer means you are a volunteer, sworn to uphold and protect the citizens by being an additional set of eyes and ears. We supplement patrols, by stepping up patrols of city facilities. We assist officers with duties of lesser urgency that would keep them from the important job of catching the bad guys; not saying that we do not catch one here and there.


The most rewarding job we have and the citizens are often most grateful for is when we come to their rescue after having locked theirs keys in their vehicle. We also direct traffic at automobile accidents and community events.

Executive Board of Directors


Aux. Lt. Henry Chaski
Aux. Officer since 2011 and founder of the FPAPA.

Vice President

Chief Paul Shepard
Police Officer since 1996 and founder of CIRS.

2014-08-18 23.19.52_edited.jpg

Aux. Joe Pasini
Auxiliary Police Officer since 2012.


Aux. Sgt. Mike Thomas
Auxiliary Police Officer since 1995.

Grant Coordinator

Ptl. Zach Sanford
Police Officer since 2014, Evidence Technician, and 2011 National Criminal Justice Champion for SkillsUSA

Staff Members

Training Coordinator

Aux. Patrick Spears 
Aux. Officer since 2011.

Donation Coordinator

Vanessa Chaski


Event Coordinator

Becky Chaski

Grant Coordinator

Aux. Konrad Bohm
Aux. Officer since 2020

Volunteer Hours

1995          1,911.50

1996          3,195.00

1997          2,185.50


1999          2,481.50


2001          2,176.75

2002          1,830.50

2003          1,870.75

2004          1,540.00

2005          1,625.00

2006          1,471.75

2007          1,857.50

2008          1,699.00

2009          1,980.50

2010          1,671.50

2011          2,334.00

2012          3,486.25

2013          2,717.50

2014          2,433.00

2015          2,243.50

2016          2,167.25

2017          2,385.50

2018          1,539.75

2019          1,503.75

2020          1,629.25

2020 Vol Hours.png

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Officer different from a Regular Fairview Park Police Officer?

We do not write tickets, make arrests, and do not carry a firearm. We are a volunteer based organization focused on service. We work with the public to create a more positive rapport with the citizens. 

Do you have to go to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy to be an Auxiliary? 

No. The department, full-time officers, and auxiliary officers will give you on the job training. You will be required to attend a one day (Saturday) Auxiliary Academy for new hires held by Lt. Shepard.

What else would you like to know?

Send us an email at

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