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Do You Fit The Bill?

Are you interested in joining an organization that is rewarding through helping others?


Are you interested in law enforcement?


We look for individuals that are civic minded, positive, and driven to make the City of Fairview Park a better place.


Currently, the City of Fairview Park is unable to provide uniforms and equipment. That is the goal of this Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Association.



There is a Basic Auxiliary Police Academy that occurs on a Saturday and is eight hours in length. The academy covers: policy and procedure, vehicle and radio use, traffic direction and control, patrol techniques, as well as much-much more.


Upon completion of the Basic Auxiliary Police Academy, new Auxiliary Officers must ride with another Auxiliary Officer with at least two years of experience for at least eight hours. New officers must complete 40 hours with another Auxiliary and 40 hours with a Regular Officer before they will be permitted on solo patrol.


Auxiliary Police Officers are required to work a minimum of 96 hours per year, or 8 hours per month for the first five years of duty. Upon completion of the fifth year, the minimum drops to 60 hours a year or 5 hours per month. 


There are set details such as monthly meetings that you are required to attend. Also, some participation is required at major events such as parades and Summerfest. There are also variable details scheduled as they come up.

We are currently hiring Auxiliary Officers. Applications can be downloaded and dropped off at any time.


Applicants must be 21 years of age at date of hire. Applicants may be 19 years old, only if they are currently enrolled in college courses with a focus in law enforment.


Must have a high school degree or GED equivalent.


Have a valid Ohio Driver's license and be able to pass a background investigation.


Be in good physical condition.


Individuals who live outside of Fairview Park are welcome to apply.

Download and completely fill out the application below. Drop it off at the police department at 20777 Loraind Rd.

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