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5 Year Equipment Goals

2018 - 2022


Currently, the only self defense tool we have requires us to be within arms reach of a subject. If we can help the department purchase Tasers, we can increase the distance to 25 feet. The cost averages $800 to $1000 a piece. 

Update: In 2018, we wrote a $5,000 check to the Fairview Park Police Department to help subsidize the purchase of new Tasers to expand the pool of Tasers for Auxiliary use. 

Bulletproof Vests

The Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Association has procured a few brand new bulletproof vests in partnership with the Ohio Tactical Officers Association. We are currently raising funds to purchase each officer their own vest in conjunction with the Attorney Generals Office through a grant program. 


The number one tool we have is our radios. However, during major events, some officers do not have radios. The cost of each radio is $2500 and require a monthly service fee. 

You can help us meet our goals by visiting our Donate Page here

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