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5 Year Equipment Goals

2018 - 2022


Currently, the only self defense tool we have requires us to be within arms reach of a subject. If we can help the department purchase Tasers, we can increase the distance to 25 feet. The cost averages $800 to $1000 a piece. 

Update: In 2018, we wrote a $5,000 check to the Fairview Park Police Department to help subsidize the purchase of new Tasers to expand the pool of Tasers for Auxiliary use. 

Bulletproof Vests

The Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Association has procured a few brand new bulletproof vests in partnership with the Ohio Tactical Officers Association. We are currently raising funds to purchase each officer their own vest in conjunction with the Attorney Generals Office through a grant program. 


The number one tool we have is our radios. However, during major events, some officers do not have radios. The cost of each radio is $2500 and require a monthly service fee. 

You can help us meet our goals by visiting our Donate Page here



In 2015, we set out to bring a truck to the police line up at Fairview Park Police Department. We approached the Vehicle Maintenance Officer at the time. We were going to send letter to every dealership in the state looking to partner with us. After some back and forth, it was decided that a Ford F-150 would be purchased by the Police Department for the Auxiliary Unit, the Crown Control Unit, and the SWAT Team. In 2021, the Fairview Park Police Department committed funds to purchase a Ford F-150 and in 2022, we were finally able to receive delivery of the truck. The vehicle is outfitted with the necessary tools and equipment to be more effective at traffic accidents, community events, and natural disasters.

Utility Task Vehicles (UTV)

We are looking to partner with a group or organization for a UTV. We have reached out to Polaris for their

TRAILS program, however, we have been unsuccessful at this time. Any advice, assistance, or support,

would be greatly appreciated!


Project Outline:

The City of Fairview Park has six parks in its 4.69 square miles and that does not include the

Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. Currently, we do not have a vehicle that

can be deployed into several of these areas. Dirt trails consisting of soft ground through wooded

areas make SUV and even truck traffic unavailable. The Fairview Park Auxiliary Police Association

is raising funds to support an UTV and trailer that can be deployed to these densely wooded

areas and traverse the soft ground. Together with Polaris and the T.R.A.I.L.S. Grant, we are

looking to purchase a Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS Northstar HVAC Edition Premium Patrol Package

UTV. This vehicle is capable of operating in all climates allowing us to deploy it in the winter months and also outfit it with a snow plow if needed. The UTV will allow the Community Policing Program to expand our reach to areas that were not able to be explored in a timely manner. The UTV will be used for Security and Patrol through our City Parks and at events such as parades, runs, and fairs. We currently only have bikes that allow us to patrol at these types of events and are limited to only two bikes and officers have been given little to no training. Community Development - Assist in creating strong, vibrant communitiesYouth Safety on our Products - Increase youth awareness on safe riding practicesEnvironment and Access - Promote land and water access and respect for the environmentThe Fairview Park Police Department is developing an all access team within its patrol division. The department wants to increase visibility of officers in the community resulting in increased interaction, education and assistance to the residents and visitors of the Westshore Suburbs. Through the department’s Police on Patrol Arresting Speeders (POPAS) program, we have raised enough funds to purchase a Ford F-150 Police Responder. This vehicle allows us to deploy officers to traffic accidents, large scale events, natural disasters, as well as transport personnel and equipment where we were unable to in the past. However, the truck is not able to reach the trails within the parks. Therefore, we need a vehicle that can patrol these areas both safely and efficiently, such as an UTV. Not only can an UTV safely and efficiently patrol these areas, it can also transport officers and other resources into areas where the growing deer and coyote population needs to be controlled. Additionally, if the UTV is paired with the truck, officers can now cover twice as much area at runs, parades, concerts, and fairs. The current resources do not allow officers to transport individuals for medical emergencies efficiently during these events. The fire department often stages and officers escort the stretcher in and out on foot, often wasting precious minutes. The UTV can quickly transport our personnel as well as fire personnel to the individual and then back out, resulting in valuable minutes saved. Lastly, the two vehicles are to aid in natural and man made relief scenarios. If the departments were to deploy any special teams to remote areas for searches, crowd control, and rescues, the vehicles can then carry them and their equipment better than a car or SUV. These vehicles can also carry equipment that can move branches and reach areas otherwise not accessible by vehicle. If we can pair the truck with an UTV, there is no landscape we cannot reach…within our response area.

Project Anticipated Cost:

$50,000 (UTV itself is $38,000 to $42,000)

Mobile Operations Command Center Trailer

We are looking to partner with a group or organization for a trailer. Any advice, assistance, or support, would be greatly appreciated!


Project Outline:

The Fairview Park Police Department deploys throughout the year for various events including Summerfest, Flea Fest, and other events. It would be nice to have all of our equipment and supplies in one centrally located and mobile space. This would also allow us to deploy on a moments notice in the event of natural or life threatening situations. Inspiration is courtesy of the Oshkosh Police Auxiliary Unit.

Project Anticipated Cost:


You can help us meet our goals by visiting our Donate Page here

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